School permanence requirements

For the stay in the postgraduate program the student must:

  • Abide by all the regulatory provisions of the institution and of the TecNM, consequently avoid being subject to sanctions by the competent educational authorities
  • Enroll in each period, during the program, until obtaining the Master's degree. After the regulatory periods, the student must register by paying the corresponding thesis credits.
  • Accredit subjects with a minimum grade of seventy (70), but the minimum global average to obtain the degree is eighty (80). Only one subject with a grade lower than 80 will be allowed in the entire master's degree.
  • Do not fail the same scholar subject twice or two different subjects.
  • Attend 100% of the tutoring meetings scheduled in the period.
  • Not abandon the studies for a period (six months) without authorization from the Head of the DEPI; in any case, temporary and definitive unsubscribes will be requested from the head of the DEPI and will be assessed by the CIPI (Institutional Postgraduate and Research Committee). When the student reincorporates after having requested a temporary unsubscribe, the student must cover, in addition to the registration of the requested period of unsubscribe, the registration of the semester in which it is incorporated as well as the corresponding credits.
  • Every student has the right to unsubscribe from a specific subject on the date indicated by the DEPI, in the corresponding school period, by expressing it in writing to the program coordinator.
  • Submit a written report and orally, before the Tutorial Committee, the progress of the thesis project, endorsed by the Thesis Director, at the end of each school period.
  • Obtain the degree of Master in the corresponding regulatory period (2.5 years), otherwise the thesis subject will be canceled and will not be able to graduate.