Graduation requirements

The requirements that must be satisfied in order to be a candidate to obtain a degree are:

  • Accredit academic subjects and activities, in accordance with the structure of the program.
  • Present an individual terminal project of a professional, business or teaching nature for your thesis, according to the postgraduate program.
  • Have the release of the thesis work advisor, which must be completed.
  • Solve the observations of the Tutorial Committee in a period not exceeding 30 calendar days, after the first review.
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency, which must be accredited by the TOEFL exam (minimum score 450, valid at the request of the degree exam).
  • Write and present at a national or international academic forum of the area, at least one article on the results of the thesis. A copy of the article published in the proceedings must be submitted with ISBN and recognition of participation in Congress. If the article is published in a journal, it must have ISSN.
  • Make a professional stay with a minimum duration of one month, delivering acceptance letter, letter of termination and final report
  • Have a valid ACM subscription.
  • CVU Conacyt updated.